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We Raised The Steaks

Beef is our passion!
Maple Valley Cattle Company is focused on what we believe are the best practices for our land, cows, and family!

Continually striving to deliver the best product is our main goal! Animal Care, High Quality Nutrition, and Judicial Use of Antibiotics are prioritized. Antibiotics are only utilized when medically necessary, in fact, less than 30% of our herd has ever received an antibiotic in their lifetime!

Environmental Stewardship
As stewards to the land, we ensure that our cows leave little environmental impact by protecting water ways, forest and wetland areas. Since our cows spend 95% of their life on grass, we maintain optimal organic material by Managed Grazing practices. Buffer strips are incorporated to increase wildlife and Monarch butterfly habitats. Our cows are supplemented by-products from a local distillery serving as a Recycling Center! Lastly, we feed our cows micronutrition products that reduce the amount of methane released during digestion!

Animal Welfare
We believe that every animal should have the 5 Freedoms: freedom for shelter, food and water, life without unnecessary stress, the right to health and that includes Antibiotics usage. Maple Valley Cattle Company triumphs on Animal Welfare as certified under the Beef Quality Assurance program!

Beef It Up

Please Contact Us For Pricing As Markets Fluctuate.  

Individual Packages

Purchase hamburger, pack of hamburger patties, a variety of steaks androasts to fit your needs!

Retail Packs

Purchase a 25 package of beef in a variety of hamburger, steaks, and roasts!

Quarter or Half of Beef

Customizable cut selection based on the section (front or back) purchased such as roasts, steaks, ground beef. In addition, selection of package sizing and options for premade burger patties and tenderization!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Frozen Beef?

Believe it or not, frozen beef is fresher than retail store beef as it is flash frozen minutes after slicing. This means that crystals do not have time to form that can rupture muscle cell that decreases juiciness. The result is meat with uncompromised color, texture, and flavor. Frozen beef will keep its quality for 12 months. The safest and best way to defrost is in the refrigerator, either in packaging and cover with plastic wrap. Never let the temperature go above 41 degrees for more than four hours.

What is a Quarter or Half of Beef?

Purchasing a Quarter or Half Beef , or Freezer Beef, is an economical way of feeding a family. Price per pound for all cuts of beef is more cost effective, however, storage is the limiting factor. Acquiring beef in this fashion has variable yields since each animal weighs differently. In addition, there is less meat yield than that would the live animal weighed. For example, the average steer weighs 1,300 pounds and after the normal processes at the butcher such as removing non-consumable parts, and a natural aging process the yield is 62%, or approximately 640 pounds of final meat products. 

Why are there no prices on the website?

Prices change as markets fluctuate so to ensure the best prices, contact us!